Russell Forsyth

Russell Forsyth

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During this hour, Angel Therapy Practitioners and Mediums, Russell Forsyth and Gina Alzate, discuss Healing and Connecting with the Angels. Calls for an Angel Reading are welcome.

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Russell and Beckie Forsyth have been married over thirty years and have two sons from previous marriages. From these sons, they share four grandchildren and families all over Texas and the United States. So a big part of his life has been involved in raising a family, therefore Russell believes that he is your average American citizen.

Russell is a carpenter by trade and has been doing remodeling and repairs for the past thirty years. In 2005, Russell and Beckie’s company completed a two year historic restoration in the Central Austin area that won the Merit Award for Restoration that was given by the Heritage Society of Austin. The award was a crowning achievement for his life long love for old houses.

Russell has always been interested in music and is an accomplished singer songwriter. His main instrument was the guitar until the late eighties when Beckie conspired with a friend to borrow Russell’s twelve string guitar, only to return it on his birthday as a Mandocello. An instrument maker converted the instrument. The mandocello is the original bass sound instrument that compliments the mandolin. It has been referred to as the “instrument of the angels” like the harp. This provides a unique sound and format that Russell uses to present his music. His first CD was released in 2005 and is titled “A Prayer for You”. His second CD just been released, “One Thing”, music dedicated to the power of love.

In April 2006, Russell attended a certification program for the purpose of self healing. On that weekend, Russell went from award winning Contractor to an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®. Then in February 2007, Russell returned to California for another certification in the area of Mediumship.

Since the April event, Russell has invented a crystal healing bed, written one book, Mariposa, and has another started, is holding various workshops, has been invited to do speaking engagements as well as working on his start up practice for Angel therapy and Mediumship.

Russell has now embraced his role as a healer and is excited to offer his services in this new area of his life. If there was a mission statement for Russell and Beckie, it would be ease suffering, bring joy and create beauty.